Morphology of the material surface

Scanning electron microscope
(Leitz ISI 60)

for images up to > 100,000-fold magnification

Light microscopes
(Zeiss Ultraphot III + Leitz Orthoplan)

Normarski Interference Contrast (NIC): particle monitoring on surfaces (dark field) + fluorescence

Scanning electron microscope

Mechanical characteristics

Tear force analyser (Adamel DY 30)

Tear-/rip, elongation, material fatigue, chemical resistance

Roughness depth test device
(Mitutoyo Surf Test)

Surface roughness Ra, Ry, Rz

Thickness test device (Mitutoyo)

Thickness of papers and textile materials

Laboratory and microscale from 1.0 µg (Kern, Satorius)

Surface mass: gravimetric evaluation of absorption tests

Labuda Rotation Wiping Simulator (Clear & Clean)

Particle abrasion of textile materials (wet and dry)

Laser fluorescence measuring station (Systektum)

Rapid quantitative determination of thin oil layers

Particle abrasion


Roughness depth test device

Microscope-electronic image analysis measuring station (Leitz / Image Pro)

Labuda Part-Lift Collector for particle analysis on surfaces

Interferometric laser particle analyser (TSI)

Count of fluid-borne
particles > 0.19 µm

Laser particle counter (Climet / CAS)

Count of airborne
particles > 0.5 µm

Particulate, particle release

Chemical components

Ion chromatograph (Metron IC690)

for quantitative ion analysis in fluids

X-ray micro-analysis EDX (Princeton)

Combined with scanning electron microscope

Polarographic voltammetry (GAT)

Stripping voltammetry for heavy metal analysis in the ppt range

Conductivity meter (WTW)

Monitoring of the DI water quality

Tensiometer (Lauda)

Surface tension of liquids, surfactant release


Electric field strength (EFS)

High Ohm Measuring Bridge (Thieming)

Surface Resistance of Paper and Textiles up to 1015 Ohm

Coulomb meter (Elab CM 04)

Measurement of electrical charges in the nC range

Digital field meter (JCI)

Measurement of triboelectric fields of papers and textiles up to 20 kV

Drop slide measuring station
(Clear & Clean)

to produce material-specific triboelectric fields

Climate chamber (Rubarth)

Setting defined test climates between 20% and 95% relH

Special measuring technology

Digital densitometer
(Clark / Grün)

Measurement of paper blacking by copying procedures

Linear wiping simulator
(Betex / Clear & Clean)

Measurement of the cleaning efficiency of textile and porous materials

Precision ellipsometer measuring unit
(DRE - Dr. Riß)

Layer thickness measurement in the picometre range, measurement of the cleaning efficiency in the molecular thickness range

Drop contour analysis / contact angle measurement

Detection of contaminant transfer to surfaces


Wiping simulator

Drop contour analysis

Drop slide measuring station

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