What are the differences between standard, fine and precision cleaning cloths?

As a matter of principle, cleanroom wipers must be adapted both to the kind of contamination that is to be removed or to the nature of the surface that is to be cleaned. Manual cleaning processes are time-consuming and for that reason, making the right choice of a suitable cleaning wiper is important. The goal is always to remove the greatest part of the contamination from the surface with the cleaning cloth in the least possible time,

Wipers for standard cleaning are made of a polyester/cellulose blend (type ABSORMAT™) or of pure viscose (type VISCOT™) and are used for general cleaning tasks. This includes removal of contaminants on openly accessible cleanroom surfaces such as walls, workbenches and cleanroom furniture.

For the cleaning of critical surfaces, e.g. plasma etching machines, tools, the interior surfaces of equipment and optical systems, cleaning cloths are usually used made out of top-quality, multi-decontaminated polyester nonwovens with sealed edges.

In the Clear & Clean product line, these are products from the SONIT™ and MICROWEB™ series. More information can be found in our technical data sheets. 

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